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 Guide to Portals

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PostSubject: Guide to Portals   Guide to Portals EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 1:40 pm

Any player level 56+ is able to open and/or fight in the alien portal. Portals are fought by the whole guild once they are open, but must be defeated within 24 hrs or portal closes without giving XP or rewards for damage done. Each portal is made up of two parts. First there are 99 aliens that must be killed, then the boss must be defeated. The boss is very strong and will 1 shot kill you often until you are around level 68 with 120 Con.

Portals can be opened in the following ways:

1. players with demon ring may open 1 time every 24 hrs for the cost of 2 con. Con may be bought back at the healer for much less than the 2.5B it cost to open a portal until your level is well into the 70’s so long as your con is 120 or 123 due to Royal Crown

2. Paying 2,500,000,000 coins

3. Spending 6 Gems (not recommended)

Aliens inside the portal may drop mystery boxes and enchant potions for players level 56-61. For players level 62+ drops may be mystery box, enchant potions or alien items based on your level. Items dropped by aliens are always 2 levels ahead of your level. Level 62 players will start to get level 64 item drops. Each level above 62 will get you higher level items topping out when you are level 66 and your drops are level 68. The boss will reward XP based on damage and drop level 64-68 items to opener and top 5 damagers which will be pre-enchanted if portal is closed within 12 hrs. All player that did not get an item will get coins based on damage. All experience will be given when boss is defeated. All participants will get a message on the home screen in case they are not online to claim the reward. Item drops are as follows:

player that opened the portal will receive a level 68 item even if he does no damage

the player (other than above) that dealt most damage to the boss will receive a level 68 item

the next 4 players (other than above) that dealt most damage to the boss will receive a level 67-64 items according to their damage amounts

players that do not receive items will be rewarded coins based on the amount of damage dealt @ 100 per 1 damage

A few tips:
1. Bank your money before you fight the boss

2. Be sure you have plenty of dust and the ability to heal

3. Be sure you have the ability to use guard and shield skills for aliens

4. Guard, shield, and aim skills do not work on bosses

5. Magic user should change class to Champion or Jester for extra block against boss until you can survive black hole

6. Gun users should change class to Conqueror or Jester for extra block against boss until you can survive black hole

7. Once you can survive black hole boss can be fought using 1 nrg. Do to the very long time it will take to defeat boss, it would be good idea to cycle though classes using devine light, banish dance, and call bunnies. Also you will want to start with an ally that does weaken and switch to an ally that hits harder after 1st ally cast 3 weakens.
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Guide to Portals
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